Decoding Signals From Space

Faced with datasets of galactic proportions, astronomers are turning to supercomputers to reconstruct the universe’s dynamic past and better understand its expansive present and future.

Australia’s Engineer In Office

Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Honorable Karen Andrews MP, plans to fight climate change and support women in STEM.

Turning Soybean Oil Into Graphene

GraphAir is a method of converting soybean oil into high quality graphene that could make commercialization easier.

Telehealth In Australia Could Save Health System US$2.29 Billion: Report

In-home monitoring of ailing aged could save Australia's healthcare system billions of dollars, finds the country's first large-scale trial of telehealth systems.

Fisheries Urged To Prioritize Nutrition Goals

The development of fisheries that are nutrition-sensitive would not only improve production and trade values, but also nutritional outcomes, says a study.

Rotational Harvesting Could Save Sea Cucumbers From Extinction

High value and easy to catch, sea cucumbers could face extinction unless rotational harvesting and other sustainable practices take off.

World’s First Human Hendra Trials Begin

A monoclonal antibody has entered clinical trials as an experimental treatment for the deadly Hendra virus.

Carbon Sink Bolstered By Reversed Forest Loss

Wetter weather and active tree planting in China have contributed to the reversal of forest lost in the last ten years.

Forging A Future In Green Steelmaking

Incorporating DSG technology into steelmaking could save 60 billion liters of water and reduce 60 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year.

Asia’s Nutrition Time Bomb

Concerted action is required to deal with Asia's twin threats of obesity and under-nutrition, write Don Gunasekera and David Newth.