Corals: The Turn Of The Tide

Corals are dying but science could be able to help them fight back from the brink.

Singapore Corals Likely To Survive Sea Level Rise

Singapore's corals are likely to be resilient to rising sea levels, scientists find.

Whale Shark Tourism Harms Coral Reefs

Whale shark tourism has lowered coral density and diversity off the coast of Tan-awan in the Philippines.

Asian Scientist Junior Book Series Launched

The six books each feature a prominent researcher from Asia to inspire children towards careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Six Asian Scientists Featured In New Children’s Book Series

Wildtype Books launches Asian Scientist Junior, a book series highlighting outstanding scientists from Asia.

Climate Change Makes Algae Cheat On Coral

As the oceans warm up, symbiotic alga start to grow at the expense of their coral hosts.

Taking The Pulse Of The Ocean

The University of Hong Kong has launched the MarineGEO-Hong Kong project, a part of the global initiative to quantify marine biodiversity.

Ocean Acidification Puts Corals At Risk

Scientists in Japan have discovered that ocean acidification inhibits the formation of calcium carbonate skeletons in corals, highlighting yet another detrimental impact of human activity on ocean ecosystems.

Singapore’s Reefs Surprisingly Resilient

Dredging and land reclamation have destroyed Singapore’s reefs, but shallow areas have staged a strong comeback.

The Genetic Dance Of Corals & Algae

In the very early stages of coral symbiosis—four hours, to be exact—algae induces significant changes in coral gene expression.