coral bleaching

Corals Punish Selfish Algae

Corals cut off nutrient supply to algae living inside them, if the algae don’t share their nutrients with corals.

The Double Whammy Of Microplastics In The Oceans

Marine scientists in Singapore have found that microplastics in the ocean are home to toxic bacteria as well as microorganisms that can degrade pollutants.

Climate Change Makes Algae Cheat On Coral

As the oceans warm up, symbiotic alga start to grow at the expense of their coral hosts.

The Genetic Dance Of Corals & Algae

In the very early stages of coral symbiosis—four hours, to be exact—algae induces significant changes in coral gene expression.

Coral DNA Reveals How Well They Deal With Stress

Corals that have a better capacity to deal with environmental stressors, such as bleaching, can be identified from their individual genetic makeup.

Genetics Helps Trace The Tale Of Coral Migration And Recovery

A study of over 900,000 SNPs has helped scientists identify the genetic changes that help some corals survive bleaching events better than others.

The Link Between Heat Stress & Coral Bleaching

Moderate increases in temperature are sufficient to affect the expulsion of symbiotic zooxanthellae from corals and might explain coral bleaching.

Corals With Aragonite Skeletons Could Survive A More Acidic Ocean, Study

In new research published in the journal Nature Climate Change, corals with aragonite skeletons were found to be more resistant to the adverse impact of a more acidic ocean.

Corals Survived And Adapted To Massive Bleaching Event In Southeast Asia, Study

New evidence has emerged that some coral species may be able to adapt to warmer oceans in Southeast Asian waters despite threats of global warming.

Scientists Explain Why Corals Die From Stress In Warmer Oceans

Australian scientists have thrown new light on the mechanism behind the mass death of corals worldwide as the Earth’s climate warms.