computer simulation

Revving Up COVID-19 Research

With the world racing to fight the coronavirus, Asia’s most powerful supercomputers are entering the fray.

How The Brain Prepares For The Eyes To See

Computer simulations show that spontaneous activity in the developing retina could help the visual cortex form properly prior to input from the eyes.

Not Just Industrious, But Intelligent

High-performance computing is transforming the face of manufacturing while augmenting the way factories and facilities operate.

Supercomputing Shouldn’t Be Rocket Science

Given the rapid pace of data generation, supercomputers are fast becoming an indispensable tool for research—now the challenge is to help scientists use them.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Hasibun Naher

In the chaos of earthquakes and tsunamis, there is order in the form of mathematics, says Associate Professor Hasibun Naher.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Pussana Hirunsit

Pussana Hirunsit uses molecular simulations to understand and identify nanocatalysts that can be used to convert carbon dioxide into chemicals and fuel.

Selectively Creating Useful Ring-Shaped Molecules

With the help of computer simulations, scientists have devised a method to create ring-shaped molecules from inexpensive feedstock chemicals for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Riding The HPC Wave

Supercomputers are useful in practically every stage of the oil production process. Here are five ways they play a role in the oil and gas industry.

Simulations Capture A Quantum Butterfly

Using Google’s quantum chip, an international team of researchers has successfully simulated a fractal pattern known as the Hofstadter butterfly.

NTU’s New Simulators To Help Smooth Air Traffic

With two new simulators, NTU's ATMRI hopes to ease the upcoming increase in air traffic in Asia.