colorectal cancer

Onions And Garlic Linked To Lower Bowel Cancer Risk

A research group has found that Chinese who consumed larger amounts of onions and garlic had a lower risk of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

China Approves Home-Grown Colon Cancer Drug

Fruquintinib is the first drug discovered and developed in China to be approved by the National Medical Products Administration.

Beating Bowel Cancer With Bacteria & Broccoli

A humble cocktail of bacteria and broccoli may prove to be a winning combination in the treatment of colorectal cancer.

Metabolite That Makes Colorectal Cancer More Aggressive Identified

A metabolite called D-2-hydroxyglutarate has been found to make colorectal cancer cells more invasive.

Circulating Cells In Cancer Patients’ Blood Not Always Cancerous

Contrary to the decades-long belief that these cells are always malignant, researchers have found that they may also come from the blood vessels that line the tumor, rather than from the tumor itself.

A Cancer Drug That Doesn’t Damage DNA

When coupled with chemotherapy, the small molecule drug PRIMA-1met activates a mutated tumor suppressor gene while also restoring its structure and function.

Using Dead Bacteria To Kill Colorectal Cancer

Heat-inactivated bacteria might be a safer and simpler way to fight colorectal cancer, scientists say.

The Genes Behind Colorectal Cancer Relapse

Researchers are developing a diagnostic test for metasizing colon cancer based on the patient's genetic profile.

Six Gene Loci Linked To Colorectal Cancer In East Asians

A large genome-wide association study (GWAS) in the East Asian population has identified six genetic loci linked to higher risk of colorectal cancer.

GYSS 2014: Is Red Meat Consumption Linked To Colorectal Cancer?

At the Global Young Scientists Summit 2014, Nobel Laureate Harald zur Hausen discusses the link between high consumption of red meat and colorectal cancer.