cloud computing

Of Virtual Competitions And Real Relationships

Although the Student Cluster Competition went fully virtual in 2020, what remained unchanged was the importance of teamwork and community.

WuXi And CECD Join Forces To Create Big Data Solutions For Healthcare

The joint venture will use big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to advance research in healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

An AI On The Prize: Zhang Tong of Tencent’s AI Lab

Dr. Zhang Tong, executive director of the Tencent artificial intelligence lab, shares the tech giant’s plans to solve some of the hardest problems in AI today.

AI On Cloud Nine

The convergence of artificial intelligence and cloud computing is underway. Alibaba Cloud’s Dr. Min Wanli shares his insights on this revolution.

Building Software In The Cloud

Developing new software is not only technically challenging but also requires an understanding of how people will adopt it, says Dr Wolfram Schulte, former director of engineering at Microsoft, at the recent IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE 2016).

NUS Teams Up With Alibaba Cloud & EZ-Link For Real-World Data Science

EZ-Link will provide the data while Alibaba Cloud has pledged US$500,000 in cloud credits.

UNSW, Tata Consultancy To Jointly Develop Futuristic Tech

The University of New South Wales and Tata Consultancy have agreed to collaborate in the areas of machine learning, virtual reality, robotics, data analytics and cloud computing.

Thinking About The Mind Behind The Robot At SIRE 2016

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionize the field of robotics, but there are key considerations to look into before you leap.

Huawei and WuXi AppTec Collaborate On Precision Medicine Cloud Platform

This strategic alliance will put a population genomics system on the cloud to support the delivery of China’s Precision Medicine Initiative.

World’s Largest Autism Dataset Now Online

The world's largest collection of autism-related genomic data is now accessible in the cloud, thanks to a partnership between Simons Foundation and WuXi NextCODE.