Improving The Success Of Cloning Animals

Scientists have used epigenetic modifications to increase the success rate of cloning mice.

7 Must-Read Stories In February 2018

February saw the successful cloning of monkeys, intercontinental quantum communication and the fast tracking of a Zika vaccine candidate.

Chinese Scientists Successfully Clone Macaques

The twin macaques, named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua, are the first primates to be cloned using somatic cell nuclear transfer.

South Korea’s Science Chief Resigns After Public Backlash

Haunted by scandal, Professor Park Ky-young resigns after just four days as chief of South Korea’s Science, Technology and Innovation Office.

Mouse Cloned Using Single Drop Of Peripheral Blood

Researchers have cloned a donor mouse using a drop of peripheral blood from its tail.

Clones Of Clones Can Make Clones, Say Scientists

Scientists in Japan report that mice can be cloned successively for at least 25 generations.

Chinese Scientists Clone World’s First Transgenic Sheep, Peng Peng

Scientists from BGI have cloned the world’s first transgenic sheep using a simplified technique called handmade cloning.

S. Korean Hwang Woo-Suk To Clone Extinct Woolly Mammoth

A private South Korean research institute led by fallen stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk announced on Tuesday its plans to clone an extinct woolly mammoth.