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Why Aussies Are Seeing Fewer Backyard Birds

As urbanization continues to change our landscapes, an Australian research team finds that “common” backyard birds are no longer as common—an issue not just for birds, but for humans, too.

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Averting Asia’s Water Crisis

Through high-speed, high-resolution exascale computing, researchers and citizen scientists are tackling water stress across Asia by discovering better ways to treat water and monitor its flow.

Citizen Scientists Find Rare Galaxy Cluster

While poring over telescope images, two volunteers in an international citizen science project found a rare galaxy cluster, which was later named after them.

Putting The ‘Me’ In Experiment

What can scientists do to encourage people to take part in experiments? Here are five lessons learnt from Jordan's first experience as a research guinea pig!

Citizen Scientists Discover Potential Gravitational Lenses

Citizen scientists have helped to identify 29 new potential gravitational lenses, galaxies so huge that their gravitational force bends light.

Join The Hunt For Supermassive Black Holes

Ever fancied yourself an astronomer? Well, now anyone with an Internet connection can help play a part in identifying supermassive black holes with the Radio Galaxy Zoo!

Crowd Computing Used To Improve Water Filtration

Using the IBM Community Grid, researchers have shown how tiny oscillations in carbon nanotubes can be exploited to filter water.

Community Curated Database For LncRNA

A wiki-style database hopes to serve as an online encyclopedia of lncRNA by and for the scientific community.

Science By The 99 Percent

Crowdsourced research might be a democratic way to engage the public in scientific issues and provide researchers with much needed resources.

Crowdsourcing To Solve Microbe Mysteries

The participation of citizen scientists could help complete a metagenomics project in months instead of the 40,000 years required for a single PC.