Japan Asks CITES To Protect Rare Turtle

Japan is asking the world’s governments to help protect the Ryukyu Black-breasted Leaf Turtle, a rare turtle found on only three small islands in the Okinawa group.

Thai Buddhist Leaders Call For End To Ivory Use

Thai Buddhist leaders held on Friday the first-ever Buddhist merit-making ceremony to pray for the tens of thousands of elephants poached annually.

Scientists: Legalize Trade In Rhino Horns

Rhino horn is now worth more than gold, say four leading environmental scientists, who are urging the international community to install a legal trade in rhino horn.

Yingluck Promises End To Ivory Trade In Thailand

Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra pledged to end the ivory trade in Thailand at the opening of the CITES Cop16 conference in Bangkok.

2,000 Smuggled Snakes Discovered On Chinese New Year’s Eve

More than 2,000 rat snakes and cobras were discovered in Thailand on the eve of the Year of the Snake.

WWF: Refrain From Buying Illegal Wildlife During Chinese New Year

During the Chinese New Year period, WWF urges people not to purchase and consume illegal wildlife products, nor accept them as gifts during gatherings.

Smuggled Pangolins Get Rehab Center In Cambodia

A new rehabilitation center in Cambodia will care for injured pangolins rescued from the country's growing wildlife trade.

Chinese ‘Cooling Drinks’ May Contain Endangered Saiga Antelope Horns

Traditional Chinese Medicine shops in Singapore are selling 'cooling' drinks and related products made of endangered saiga antelope horns, says Project: WILD.

Wild Birds ‘Smuggled’ From Solomon Islands To SE Asia

A new study has revealed that tens of thousands of wild birds exported from the Solomon Islands have been laundered into the global wildlife trade by declaring them as captive-bred.

Happy Chinese New Year! Consumers Urged To Be Selective During New Year Festivities

Happy Chinese New Year! Consumers are urged to be especially vigilant in the lead up to Chinese New Year to minimize their consumption of threatened wildlife species.