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Women Wunderkinds

To celebrate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we take a look at eight shining examples of scientific excellence in Asia.

Prenatal BPA Exposure Linked To Male Bias In Autism

Male rat offspring exposed to BPA in the womb had impaired learning and memory, suggesting that BPA could contribute to male bias in autism.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s February 2021 Roundup

From celebrating women in science to surprising discoveries in the natural world, catch Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from February 2021.

Southeast Asian Bats and Pangolins Harbor SARS-CoV-2-related Coronaviruses

Experts have found evidence of coronaviruses related to SARS-CoV-2 circulating in bats and pangolins in Southeast Asia.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Varisa Pongrakhananon

Find out how Dr. Varisa Pongrakhananon's research on microtubules is paving the way for potential cancer therapies.

Seven Thai Scientists Making An Impact With Their Research

Get to know these seven award-winning researchers from Thailand who are pushing the boundaries of chemistry, biomedical science and fundamental physics.

A Sweet Solution To Scary Needles

Scientists have developed a safe and painless microneedle patch that is made out of maltose sugar solution.

How Thailand Eliminated Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

Early and concerted efforts from the whole society have helped eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Thailand.

South Asia Running Out Of Groundwater

Per capita water availability in South Asia has been dropping and could deepen the ongoing water crisis.

Watching The Planets Collide, In Real Time

By monitoring the temperature changes in dust clouds over two years, astronomers have been able to track a recent planetary collision.