chronic pain

Finding The Missing Link Between Pain And Depression

Chronic pain suppresses the brain’s reward system, eventually leading to depression, say scientists in Japan.

Brain Rewiring May Explain Chronic Pain After Nerve Damage

‘Reawakened’ astrocytes have been found to act as a sort of central processing unit that causes and sustains chronic pain.

Reducing Nerve Pain With Less Risk Of Addiction

Researchers have discovered that blocking a specific molecule helps reduce pain caused by nerve damage, or sciatica, in mice.

Spider Venom May Have Legs As Future Painkiller

A high throughput screen has identified peptides in spider venom that could potentially be used to treat pain.

The Brain’s Inability To Change Linked To Chronic Pain

A study of patients with chronic headaches suggests that pain is linked with the brain's ability to change with use.

Pain Relief From Snail Venom

A new form of pain relief derived from snail venom is 100 times more potent than existing drugs and avoids addiction, scientists say.

Compound From Chinese Herb Fights Chronic Pain

A plant used for centuries as a pain reliever in Chinese medicine has been found effective at alleviating pain, according to researchers.

Australian Scorpion Venom Could Fight Pain

Australian scorpion venom could ease human pain and discomfort, according to a study.

Global Study Shows Cancer Patients Lack Access To Pain Medicines

A global study reveals a pandemic of intolerable pain affecting billions, caused by over-regulation of pain medicines.

Women’s Chronic Pain More Complex And More Severe

New research has found that chronic pain in women is more complex and harder to treat than chronic pain in men.