Household Hygiene Critical To Controlling Cholera In Bangladesh

Cholera is mainly being transmitted within households in Dhaka, Bangladesh, suggesting that better hygiene in the home is critical to controlling its spread.

Math In A Time Of Cholera

Using mathematical models to analyze data from the World Health Organization, scientists in Japan accurately forecasted the peak of the 2017 cholera outbreak in Yemen.

Eating Soft-Shelled Turtles Spreads Cholera

Soft-shelled turtles, eaten as a delicacy in China, have been implicated in the spread of cholera.

Drinking Iced Tea May Up Cholera Risk In Endemic Areas

Drinking iced tea has been linked to outbreaks of cholera in Vietnam.

The UN’s Role In Haiti’s Cholera Crisis

The UN has acknowledged its role in Haiti's cholera outbreak after much denial, and detective work by researchers that traced its origin to a UN camp. How did they do it?

Astellas, UTokyo To Collaborate On Cholera Vaccine

The partnership will develop a rice-based oral vaccine against cholera and E. coli-related diarrheal diseases.

Cholera Bacterium Attracted By Bile

Vibrio cholerae, which causes cholera, has been found to be attracted to taurine, an amino acid found in intestinal bile.

Big Data Versus The Next Big Outbreak

We now have vast amounts of information at our fingertips; could we use it to tackle some of the most challenging and complex public health issues the world is facing today?

Oral Cholera Vaccine Shown To Be Safe & Protective

The first real-world trials of the Shanchol vaccine showed a 40 percent reduction in the most severe cases of cholera.

Hilleman & Gotovax Collaborate On Cholera Vaccine

The oral cholera vaccine currently in preclinical development will be cheaper, easy to administer and cross-protective for different types of bacteria.