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Asian Scientist Magazine’s 2020 Roundup

Stories of scientific breakthroughs were bright spots in a year clouded by pandemic news. Here are Asian Scientist Magazine’s top 10 pieces of 2020.

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Mimicking COVID-19 in Macaques

A rhesus macaque model of COVID-19 suggests that primates can shed SARS-CoV-2 virus from the nose and stool for nearly a month after infection.

Chinese Scientists Sequence Genome Of COVID-19

A research group in China has sequenced the genome of the COVID-19 virus and reported that the virus most likely originated from bats.

Alcohol Intake Linked To Stroke Risk In East Asians

An international team of researchers has found that alcohol increases stroke risk by about 35 percent for every 280 grams of alcohol a week in East Asians.

Chinese Diets Contain Too Much Salt

According to an international study, 80 percent of the communities in China have a mean sodium intake greater than five grams per day.

Hot Tea Raises Cancer Risk In Smokers And Drinkers

In individuals who smoke and drink excessive alcohol, drinking hot tea is associated with a five-fold increased risk for esophageal cancer, according to research by Chinese scientists.

High Blood Pressure In China Spiraling Out Of Control

More and more people in China are suffering from high blood pressure, but proper medication to manage the disease is often lacking.

Breastfeeding May Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease

Breastfeeding benefits mums as well as babies, potentially lowering the mother’s risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Cut Calories To Prevent Deadly Blood Vessel Bursts

Calorie intake could be an effective, yet simple way for the early prevention of abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Eating Fruit Daily Reduces Risk Of Heart Attacks

A study of half a million people in China has found that just 100 grams of fruit per day can cut the risk of cardiovascular mortality by a third.