chinese academy of agricultural sciences

Tracing The Apple’s Journey Along The Silk Road

By analyzing the genomes of 117 apple varieties, scientists have traced the origin of the domesticated apple and identified key genetic markers for improving apple quality.

16 Scientists From China To Watch

The Asian superpower is boosting basic research funding in its 13th five-year plan—a boon for this list of scientists and the wider R&D community.

What’s The Buzz? China Loses Fewer Honey Bees Than US, Europe

Research on bee colony loses in China has revealed insights which could help improve our understanding of widespread colony losses elsewhere.

Lettuce Grown Under LED Lights Have Lower Nitrates

To grow lettuce with more antioxidants and less nitrates, simply expose to continuous red-blue and green LED light for 24 hours.

Chinese Professor Wins 2016 L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science Award

Professor Chen Hualan from the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in China is the only scientist from Asia to receive this award.

Gene For Better Rice Found

Scientists have found a gene that regulates rice quality, making it possible to breed high quality rice without a compromise in yield.

Parasitic Roundworm Has Its Genome Sequenced

The Toxocara canis genome will be a useful resource for developing treatments against parasitic diseases that predominantly affect the developing world.

What Makes Cucumbers Bitter Could Also Treat Cancer

Genetics have revealed what makes wild cucumbers bitter, research that could lead to new treatments for cancer.

Three Institute Collaboration Releases 3,000 Rice Genomes

A collaborative effort between the CAAS, BGI and the IRRI has published the genomes of 3,000 rice varieties, amounting to 13.4 terabytes worth of data.

Breeding Fungus Resistant Oilseed Varities

Scientists have identified strains of oilseed plants that are resistant to the devastating fungal pathogen Sclerotinia.