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16 Scientists From China To Watch

The Asian superpower is boosting basic research funding in its 13th five-year plan—a boon for this list of scientists and the wider R&D community.

Synthetic Mother-Of-Pearl, The Way Nature Intended

Researchers have created synthetic nacre, or mother-of-pearl, that forms in mere weeks instead of months or years.

Need A Nanostructure? Just Laser Print It!

Laser printed nanostructures that can selectively capture and release microparticles could find applications in chemistry and microfluidics.

Nine Asians Awarded 2014 TWAS Prizes

Scientists from China, Taiwan, India and Malaysia have been recognized for their work with the 2014 TWAS Prizes.

Scientists Collect Neutrino Data At Daya Bay, Hope To Unlock Antimatter Clues

The Daya Bay Reactor International Consortium's two antineutrino detectors have started collecting data, the first step to understanding why the universe has more matter than antimatter.