china national genebank

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2016

Whether it’s self-driving cabs or university rankings, stories about Singapore were popular in September.

China Launches Its First National Gene Bank

The China National GeneBank will store more than ten million genetic samples from human, animal, plant and microbial species.

Mola Mola’s Genome May Explain Its Gigantic Size

Researchers have sequenced the genome of the ocean sunfish, focusing particularly on growth hormone signalling genes to understand its freakish growth spurts.

Termite Genome Sheds Light On Social Behavior

The first termite genome fills the gap in our understanding of social insect genomics.

Fish T1K Project To Study Fish Evolution & Genetics

CNGB has launched the Fish T1K project, a study designed to unveil the mysteries of the origin, evolution and diversification of the largest group of vertebrates.

CNGB, BioStorage Technologies To Partner On Gene Bank

The China National Genebank has formed an alliance with BioStorage Technologies, which will provide it with biorepository expertise for the development of the biobank.