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What Is The Purpose Of Diarrhea?

It may be unpleasant—or even lethal in some cases—but diarrhea helps us clear certain infectious agents.

Zika Virus Infections Can Lead To Male Infertility In Mice

Scientists have shown how Zika infections in mice can lead to testicular damage, and eventually, infertility.

16 Scientists From China To Watch

The Asian superpower is boosting basic research funding in its 13th five-year plan—a boon for this list of scientists and the wider R&D community.

The Long & Short Of How Chickens Get Their Beards

Forget why the chicken crossed the road. Instead, how did the chicken get its beard?

Why Does IVF Produce More Baby Boys?

Though largely safe and well accepted, the IVF procedure causes defects in X chromosome inactivation which result in fewer girls being born.

Intense Farming Drying Northern China’s Soil

Agricultural intensification—including increased fertilizer use—is responsible for China's drying soil, not climate change.

The Origins Of The Deadly H7N9 Influenza Strain

Scientists have identified the changes in H9N2 flu virus in chickens that could signal emergence of viruses with potential to trigger a pandemic.

Nine Asians Awarded 2014 TWAS Prizes

Scientists from China, Taiwan, India and Malaysia have been recognized for their work with the 2014 TWAS Prizes.

Stop Peeing In Pools, Scientists Say

Not only is peeing in the swimming pool antisocial, it could also harm your health, according to a study.

Studying Animals To Improve Human Health

Research into animals, both common and obscure, are yielding insights into human health that are not always expected, writes Shuzhen Sim.