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Ethics Of Using Care Robots For Older People

Study from Japan shows that involving older people while developing care robots for them will help alleviate their concerns about using robots.

Good Trip

For those struggling with the long shadows of depression, conventional medicines can be a frustrating hit-or-miss. Psychedelics might offer a novel solution.

3D Artificial Skin Used To Treat Spina Bifida In Rats

Scientists have used artificial skin grafts grown from induced pluripotent stem cells to cover the developing spines of rat fetuses while still in the womb.

Sweet! Scientists Decode Genome Of Chinese Licorice

Interestingly, Chinese licorice, which is closely related to the plant used for licorice candy, codes for many more proteins than the human genome.

A (Laser) Shocking Way To Predict How Earth-Type Planets Form

Using a technique called laser shock, researchers in Japan have provided insights into how Earth-type planets form when giant asteroids collide.

Blood Pressure Lowing Ingredient in Asparagus Found

Using a targeted mass spectrometry method, researchers have identified the active ingredient in asparagus that contributes to blood pressure regulation.

Fatty Acid Produced By Gut Bacteria Helps Immune System Mature

New research from the RIKEN in Japan has shed light on the role of gut bacteria on the maturation of the immune system.

Space Scientists Refute Theory Of Cosmic Ray Origin

An international group of researchers who call themselves the IceCube Collaboration has produced surprising results about one of the most enduring mysteries in physics - the origin of cosmic rays.

A*STAR Researchers Discover How Polyamines Control Stem Cell Renewal

A*STAR scientists have discovered a link between a family of organic compounds called polyamines and embryonic stem cell regulation.