Precision Drug Release With Pumpkin-Shaped Molecules

Scientists have developed light-responsive molecules for the controlled release of chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells.

Tricking Tumors With Targeted Nanocarriers

Using nanoparticles that mimic the cancer cell membrane, scientists have found a way to deliver oxygen specifically to tumors and thereby reduce chemoresistance.

‘Starving’ Cancer Cells Helps Stop Tumor Growth

By blocking the gateways through which cancer cells obtain glutamine, researchers were able to reduce cancer cell growth by almost 96 percent.

Vibrating, Magnetic Microbubbles Deliver The Drugs

These tiny drug- and iron oxide-coated gas bubbles can penetrate deep into cancer cells, with a little help from magnets and ultrasound.

A Cancer Drug That Doesn’t Damage DNA

When coupled with chemotherapy, the small molecule drug PRIMA-1met activates a mutated tumor suppressor gene while also restoring its structure and function.

Gene Variation Could Protect Against ‘Chemobrain’

A genetic variation in the BNDF gene affects whether women undergoing chemotherapy experience the side effect of cognitive impairment.