chemical engineering

Painting The Rainbow With Engineered Bacteria

Using metabolic and membrane engineering, South Korean scientists produced seven natural rainbow colorants from engineered E. coli bacteria.

How Graphene Protects Copper From Corrosion

Scientists in South Korea have demonstrated that graphene forms a hybrid layer with copper oxide to slow down further corrosion of copper metal.

Illuminating The Conversion Of Methane To Synthesis Gas

Researchers in Japan are one step closer to an eco-friendly catalyst for converting methane into useful gases.

Nuts & Bolts—Cheers to Clean Water

These TechOffers provide innovative water treatment solutions as part of needed answers to the problem of our dwindling supply of freshwater.

Scientists Develop A Hair-Raising Protocol

By encapsulating hair follicle stem cells in collagen and growing them with skin cells in a U-shaped well plate array, researchers in Japan have found a way to grow hair at scale for transplantation.

Finding The Right Pair Of Antibiotics To Fight Resistant Bacteria

An on-chip screening method allowed scientists in South Korea to identify synergistic pairs of antibiotics for treating stubborn infections.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Lee Sang Yup

By tweaking the metabolic pathways of living organisms, Professor Lee Sang Yup is maximizing the synergy between biology and chemistry for the benefit of industry and society.

Lithium-Sulfur Batteries Power Up With Titanium Nitride

By creating a conductive and robust host for sulfur, researchers in South Korea have found a way to improve the performance of lithium-sulfur batteries.

An Antimalarial Drug Strikes Gold

With the help of gold, scientists have developed an antimalarial drug that is effective against resistant parasites.

Donut-Shaped Electrodes Make Li-S Batteries More Durable

Researchers in South Korea have developed a donut-shaped lithium sulfide cathode that boosts the lifecycle of lithium sulfur batteries.