Chatbot Revolution

ChatGPT-powered chatbots are on the rise but their reliability remains in question. As more companies build synthetic media into their business model, we analyze the scope of its skillset.

Holmusk, mental health

Three Technologies Driving The Future Of Mental Healthcare

Digital innovation can paint a brighter future for diagnosing and treating mental health conditions, but achieving an equitable ecosystem needs careful evaluation of the technologies involved.

Nuts & Bolts–Improving The E-commerce Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of the e-commerce industry as a digital new normal takes over. Here are four Tech Offers riding the wave.

Innovation In The Pink Of Health: Trends & Tech In Healthcare

Burdened by chronic disease and aging populations, the healthcare sector is looking to technology to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses more efficiently.

Nuts And Bolts—It’s All About The Connection

From managing customer relations to figuring out emotions and providing wireless connectivity, digital solutions are currently available.

The AI Spring Is Coming

Hon Hsiao-Wuen, managing director of Microsoft Research Asia, is excited about AI and robots, and explains why you should be too.