chagas disease

TSUBAME Supercomputer Helps Find Chagas Disease Drugs

Scientists in Japan have used the TSUBAME supercomputer to discover potential therapeutic protein inhibitors for Chagas disease.

Removing Early Barriers To Drugs For Neglected Diseases

DNDi has formed a consortium with four pharmaceutical companies to hasten the development of drugs for leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

GHIT Awards Seven New Grants Amounting To US$15.3 Million

Research in the neglected tropical diseases of dengue, malaria and Chagas disease receive a US$15.3 million boost in funding from GHIT.

US$12 Million In Grants Awarded For Neglected Diseases

Japan's Global Health Initiative Technology Fund has committed US$12 million in grants for neglected diseases and a potential tuberculosis vaccine.

Eisai, Broad Institute Develop Treatment For NTDs And Tuberculosis

Eisai Co., Ltd. has entered into an agreement with the Broad Institute to develop new therapeutic agents for the treatment of neglected tropical diseases and tuberculosis.