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SpooQy Nanosatellite Packs A Quantum Punch

Entangled signals from a low-cost nanosatellite beamed to ground stations on Earth could form the foundations of a new quantum internet, researchers say.

Rare Element Makes A Good Atomic Clock

A neglected element called lutetium is ideal for making accurate atomic clocks due to its low sensitivity to changes in temperature, scientists say.

Unzipping The Quantum-Classical Boundary

Does this data belong in the classical or the quantum world? Run it through a zip compression program to find out!

Singapore Universities Launch Satellites

Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore have each launched two satellites from India's Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

Computing The Unsolvable With Time Travel

Time-travelling computers could help solve currently intractable problems without threatening causality, researchers say.

How Thin Film Superconductors Withstand Strong Magnetic Fields

Internal magnetic fields in thin films of MoS2 help them to withstand external magnetic fields of up to 37 Tesla, scientists say.

Pushing Quantum Weirdness To The Limit

By pushing quantum entanglement to the limit, researchers have put quantum theory on firmer ground.

EmTech Asia Names 2016 Top Ten Innovators Under 35

Eight researchers and inventors based in Singapore and two from Australia have been selected as this year's finalists for EmTech Asia's top innovators under 35.

Bridging Two Mysteries At The Heart Of Quantum Physics

It turns out that wave-particle duality is simply the quantum uncertainty principle in disguise.

Quantum Cryptography Protocol To Beef Up Cybersecurity

Quantum technology could make fundamental contributions in enhancing the security of web communications, researchers say.