An A-Peeling Way To Recycle Batteries

Orange peels are an environmentally-friendly alternative to harmful chemicals and high temperatures used in conventional lithium-ion battery recycling processes.

Scientists Develop Cellulose-Based Plastic Substitute

This cellulose-based material that is four times stronger than steel and as heat-resistant as ceramics could one day displace plastics.

3D Printing ‘Paper Organs’

Researchers from China and the US have 3D printed cellulose to create scaffolds that could be used to generate tissue models for drug screening.

From Nata De Coco To Computer Screens

Cellulose nanofibers in the nata de coco snack could be used in liquid crystal displays of the future, say researchers in Japan.

Turning Tobacco Stalks Into Cellulose Nanopaper

Chinese scientists have fabricated cellulose nanopaper with improved tensile strength and water resistance from tobacco stalks.

Cellulose You Can 3D Print

Researchers in Singapore have used cellulose derived from fungi-like organisms for large-scale sustainable 3D printing.