cell culture

Accelerating The Path To Cell Therapy Commercialization

With its modular design and flexibility, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s innovative GibcoTM CTSTM Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System enables the scalable and cost-effective commercialization of cell therapies.

Studying Cell Migration With A Brain-On-A-Chip

Scientists have developed a platform that allowed them to better understand how chemical gradients induce neuron migration.

Growing Skin Grafts Without Animal Contamination

Scientists have developed a human protein matrix to culture skin cells, removing the need for animal-derived components used in existing culture systems.

Microtumor Self-Organization, Demystified

Researchers have developed an inexpensive cell culture platform that allows microtumors to form, thus revealing the unique behavior of cancer cells in vitro.

Don’t Let Those Cell Lines Get Out Of Line

Do you really know the identity of the cell lines you’re working with? Here are some ways to find out.

Merck Invests €40 Million In Asia

Merck has invested an additional €40 million (US$49.35 million) to build a robust manufacturing and distribution platform in Asia over a span of two years.