cell biology

A New Ultrafast Camera Captures Molecular Dynamics In Cells

A new imaging technique can capture dynamic interactions of single molecules at 10,000 frames per second.

The Sticky Truth Behind Cell Development

By observing fruit fly cells, scientists in Japan found a key protein for cell adhesion, allowing cells to stick together during development.

Sensei RNA: The Iron-sensing Master

In yet another serendipitous discovery, researchers from India have identified a new class of RNA molecules that can selectively recognize iron called ‘Sensei RNA.’

Uncovering The Origins Of Oily Organelles

By closely examining liverwort cells, scientists from Japan have shed light on how diverse organelles like oil bodies were first formed.

Predicting Drug Response With Precision

In another step towards personalized medicine, Singapore-based researchers have identified a biomarker that could predict which cancer patients respond best to treatment.

Mothers Pass Allergies To Babies In The Womb

Highly allergic pregnant mothers may transfer the key antibody that triggers allergic reactions to offspring in the womb.

Revealing Protein Problems In Hybrid Plants

Misfolded proteins may be responsible for decreased survivability in hybrid plants, say researchers in Japan.

Nanoparticles Give Mice Night Vision

A research group in China has injected nanoparticles into the eyes of mice to allow the rodents to see in the dark.

Finding The Missing Link Between Pain And Depression

Chronic pain suppresses the brain's reward system, eventually leading to depression, say scientists in Japan.

Maximizing The Potential Of Induced Stem Cells

Researchers in Japan and the US have discovered a way to reprogram mature cells into stem cells that can transform into all cell types of the body, including the placenta.