Illuminating The Conversion Of Methane To Synthesis Gas

Researchers in Japan are one step closer to an eco-friendly catalyst for converting methane into useful gases.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Liu Zheng

Associate Professor Liu Zheng is pushing the boundaries of atomically thin materials, a boon for the fields of electronics, energy generation and catalysis.

Nanozyme Mimics Natural Peroxidase Activity

By doping graphene with nitrogen and boron, scientists in South Korea have create enzyme-like nanomaterials that could be used in bioassays.

SWAP Process Makes Cheaper, Cleaner Ammonia

Using a molybdenum-based catalyst with samarium as an electron source, researchers in Japan have created a process that produces ammonia more efficiently than the conventional Haber-Bosch process.

A Handy Method To Produce Chiral Compounds

Using iridium catalysts, South Korean Researchers have found a way to selectively synthesize chiral lactams more efficiently.

A ‘House Of Cards’ For Efficient Catalysis

Scientists in South Korea have developed a material that efficiently splits water to generate renewable energy.

Turning Emissions Into Electricity

Carbon dioxide could become a potent energy source thanks to technology developed by researchers in South Korea and the US.

Catalyzing A Path Towards ‘Greener’ Plastics

Manganese dioxide crystals are ideal catalysts for synthesizing renewable polymers, say researchers from Japan.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Witri Wahyu Lestari

Dr. Witri Wahyu Lestari is helping to develop the catalysts necessary for obtaining more ecologically-friendly fuels.

Self-Regenerating Catalysts Help Fuel Cells Go The Distance

This highly efficient and self-regenerating catalyst could help make solid oxide fuel cells more practical.