carbon nanotube

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Akira Koshio

Despite their tiny size, there’s vast potential for carbon nanotubes in diverse industries, says Assistant Professor Akira Koshio.

Stretching The Functional Range Of Sticky Tape

Researchers have developed a sticky tape that remains functional at temperatures ranging from -321°F to 1,832°F.

Carbon Nanotubes Strengthen Desalination Membranes

Adding carbon nanotubes to reverse osmosis membranes helps them withstand chlorine exposure without reducing their desalination abilities.

10 Scientists Awarded The 2017 Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize

Ten scientists under the age of 45 were honored for their significant contributions to science and technology with the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize.

Carbon Nanotubes, Unzipped

Like folding paper to make a tear neater, doping carbon nanotubes makes it easier to unzip them without damaging their nanostructure.

Nanodiamonds Formed In A Carbon Cage

Scientists have successfully synthesized diamond-like nanomaterials in the hollow of a carbon nanotube.

Stretching Conducting Wires To Their Limits

Using carbon nanotubes, scientists have developed wires amenable to stretching, twisting and flexing.

Crowd Computing Used To Improve Water Filtration

Using the IBM Community Grid, researchers have shown how tiny oscillations in carbon nanotubes can be exploited to filter water.

Add Nanotubes For Super Strong Silk

Adding carbon nanotubes to silk proteins can create silk fibers that are almost as strong as natural spider dragline silk.

Tiny Technologies, Incredible Impact

From lightweight sports equipment to potable water, here are ten ways that nanotechnology is changing our lives.