carbon emissions

Saving Tigers Helped Reduce India’s Carbon Emissions

Research shows that tiger conservation interventions prevented forest loss, leading to reduced emissions and ecosystem benefits.

Capping Carbon On Asia’s Supercomputers

Thoughtful processor design, optimized programming and strong government support are helping to make high performance computing ecosystems more sustainable.

Achieving A Zero Carbon Future (VIDEO)

Decarbonizing businesses is no small feat, but Unravel Carbon’s co-founder and CEO Grace Sai is up for the task, kicking off the net zero initiative in the Asia-Pacific region.

Converting Carbon From The Air Into Crystals

Researchers in Japan develop an efficient and cost-effective way of capturing carbon dioxide from the air.

In Touch With Tech Trends

Exciting innovation in robotics, health and sustainability lie on the horizon for Singapore’s technology landscape.

Turning Emissions Into Electricity

Carbon dioxide could become a potent energy source thanks to technology developed by researchers in South Korea and the US.

Chinese Satellite Delivers Its First Global Carbon Dioxide Maps

The TanSat greenhouse gas monitoring satellite has produced its first global carbon dioxide map.

Methane From Indian Livestock Adds To Global Warming

Better livestock management can reduce atmospheric methane levels, a new study suggests.

Rain Determines Whether Peat Is A Carbon Sink Or Source

Even undisturbed peatlands might release rather than trap carbon dioxide, depending on seasonal rainfall patterns.

The Concrete Jungle Is Greener Than You Think

Cement production generates a lot of carbon dioxide, but the good news is it it also acts as a carbon sink.