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Gut Bacteria That Brew Booze May Cause Liver Damage

A research group in China has found that alcohol-producing gut bacteria could cause liver damage even in people who don’t drink.

Beating Dengue Is In Your DNA (Vaccine)

A DNA-based vaccine against dengue, which would not require cold chain transport, has been shown to protect mice against two out of the four strains of dengue virus.

Scientists Discover T Cells That Play Hide-And-Seek With HIV

Viruses like HIV can conceal themselves from the immune system, but a specialized type of killer T cell can seek out their hiding spots, a study shows.

Two-Drug Combination Reduced Risk Of Stroke, Study

Scientists report that a simple two-drug combination reduces the risk of subsequent strokes in patients in China.

Dementia A Growing Concern In China

Researchers have found that the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in China has more than doubled since 1990.

Genetic Causes Of Poor Eyesight Become Clearer

An international team of scientists have completed the largest study into the genetic causes of poor eyesight.

Scientists Identify Gene Variant Linked To Swine Flu In Han Chinese

Researchers have found a genetic variant which explains why Chinese populations may be more vulnerable to swine flu.

Scientists Find Genes Linked To Blindness

Singapore scientists have identified three new genes associated with Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness in Chinese people.