cancer stem cells

Cancer Stem Cells Addicted to Methionine, Study Shows

Singapore researchers have discovered that cancer stem cells consume the amino acid methionine much faster than it can be generated, and this vulnerability could be exploited for cancer treatment.

How Breast Cancer Stem Cells Multiply

Scientists in Japan have identified a signaling pathway that increases the number of cancer stem cells in breast tumors.

Drug Delivery System Targets Cancer Stem Cells

A research group in Japan has devised a drug delivery system that enhances the efficacy of inhibitors used to destroy cancer stem cells.

A Positive Development Against Drug-Resistant Cancer

Synthetic macromolecules can kill multidrug-resistant cancer cells and help prevent the spread of cancer, researchers say.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Suidjit Luanpitpong

Cancer still strikes fear, but researchers like Suidjit Luanpitpong are working on treatments so that a diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

Wnt Pathway Inhibitor Fights Colorectal Cancer Stem Cells

Researchers have developed a small molecule inhibitor that blocks a signaling pathway essential to cancer stem cell development.

7 Must-Read Stories In September 2015

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Starving Cancer Stem Cells To Stop Cancer

Depriving cancer stem cells of specific peptides could be one way to prevent leukemia from recurring, scientists say.

Nanomaterial “Sniper” Targets Cancer Stem Cells

A nanomaterial that effectively targets cancer stem cells without harming non-cancerous cells shows significant therapeutic potential.