cancer drug

ASLAN And Bukwang Team Up To Develop Immune-Oncology Drugs

The joint venture has resulted in the independent company JAGUAHR Therapeutics, which will focus on developing aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonists for cancer treatment.

AUM Biosciences Licenses Cancer Drug From A*STAR

The drug, ETC-206, was shown to be well tolerated in human trials and specifically targets cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed.

US FDA Approves LENVIMA For Unresectable Liver Cancer

Lenvatinib mesylate was shown to improve overall survival in patients with unresectable liver cancer.

Green Tea Nanocarriers Load Up On Cancer Drugs

Researchers have developed a green tea-based nanocarrier system that can carry up to 88 percent of its weight in cancer drugs.

Valeant Sells Cancer Business To China’s Sanpower For US$820 Million

In an attempt to reduce its debt, Valeant will sell its cancer vaccine business to Sanpower Group for US$819.9 million in cash.

Vibrating, Magnetic Microbubbles Deliver The Drugs

These tiny drug- and iron oxide-coated gas bubbles can penetrate deep into cancer cells, with a little help from magnets and ultrasound.

Anti-Cancer Drug Efficiently Synthesized In The Lab

Cortistatin A inhibits cancer tumors from growing blood vessels, but is difficult to harvest from nature. Now, researchers have fully synthesized it in high-yield quantities.

ASLAN & Hyundai Pharm Collaborate To Develop Cancer Drug

The two companies will conduct clinical trials to assess varlitinib in the treatment of aggressive bile duct cancer, a disease prevalent in South Korea.

Genomic Data Improves Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Two large scale genomic studies have helped identify strategies for developing more precise and effective treatments for breast cancer.

ASLAN’s Bile Duct Cancer Drug Given FDA Orphan Drug Status

ASLAN001 has been awarded orphan drug designation to treat cholangiocarcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of bile duct cancer.