Eyes Of Demise: Butterfly Wing Patterns Attract Predators

The eyes spell doom for brush brown butterflies, as bearing more eyespots on their forewings led to more intense predatory attacks.

Rare Butterflies Are Poor Urbanites

Ecologists have unlocked the secret lives of butterflies fluttering around Hong Kong's parks, providing insight into how rare species are affected by urbanization.

Butterflies That Are Picky Eaters In Greater Danger Of Extinction

Butterflies that are picky about their flower diets are more prone to extinction, researchers have found.

These Butterflies See The World In 15 Shades Of Photoreceptors

Common Bluebottle butterflies have at least 15 different classes of photoreceptors, or light-detecting cells, in their eyes; no other insect has more than nine.

How Butterfly Larvae Manipulate Their Ant Attendants

Lycaenid butterflies secretes nutritious and mind altering nectar to keep attendant ants close by for protection.

Supergene Controls Batesian Mimicry In Butterflies

An inversion of the supergene containing the doublesex gene determines whether or not female butterflies can mimic their unpalatable relatives.

The Genetics Of Monarch Migration

The extraordinary migratory behavior of Monarch butterflies is largely determined by a single gene, scientists say.

Fukushima Disaster Caused Mutant Butterflies, Study

Japanese researchers have found mutations in butterflies in the Fukushima region, signaling early changes to the local ecosystem after the March 2011 disaster.