brain tumors

Neutrophils Used As ‘Trojan Horse’ To Target Brain Tumors

Scientists in China have loaded immune cells with nanoparticles containing an antitumor drug for cancer therapy and imaging.

Targeting DNA Damage Repair In Childhood Brain Tumors

Scientists in Japan have analyzed the chromosomes of brain tumors and discovered an inhibitor molecule that could be used in the treatment of childhood brain cancer.

Amino Acid Boosts The Effectiveness Of Brain Cancer Therapy

By adding the highly abundant amino acid taurine to a photosensitizer, researchers have boosted its cancer-killing capabilities.

A Potential Biomarker For Aggressive Brain Cancer

Researchers have found that the levels of a protein called BCL6 can be used to identify patients with glioblastoma multiforme, a particularly aggressive type of brain cancer.

Melatonin Suppresses Activity Of Brain Tumor Stem-Like Cells

The ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin directly targets stem-like cells of glioblastomas by altering their biology and inhibiting their ability to multiply.

Opening A Gateway To The Brain

Insights into the structure of the blood-brain barrier protein Mfsd2a could lead to better drugs for brain tumors.