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Tracing The Origin Of A Deadly Brain Tumor

A research team from South Korea has presented evidence that neural stem cells contain cancer-promoting mutations and are responsible for recurrent glioblastoma in human patients.

Brain Cancer Linked To A Lack Of RNA Editing

Insufficient RNA editing in brain tissues could drive the growth of aggressive tumors, scientists say.

Microdevice Detects Gliomas In Less Than 15 Minutes

The microdevice can detect a specific mutation linked to brain or spinal cord tumors, potentially enabling accurate removal of the entire tumor during an operation.

8 Immune Genes Linked To Brain Cancer Death Risk

A set of eight immune system genes may play a role in how long people can live after developing glioblastoma multiforme, a common type of brain cancer.

Melatonin Suppresses Activity Of Brain Tumor Stem-Like Cells

The ‘sleep hormone’ melatonin directly targets stem-like cells of glioblastomas by altering their biology and inhibiting their ability to multiply.

Genetically Engineered Killer T-Cells That Seek Out Brain Tumors

Researchers have engineered CAR T-cells to specifically identify and destroy brain tumors in mouse models.

Two Year Old Thai Girl Cryogenically Preserved

Two year-old Matheryn Naovaratpong has become the youngest person to undergo cryogenic freezing.