bowel cancer

Need To Stop A Bacterial Invader? Pull On Its Tail

A protein called Lypd8 defends the body from inflammation by binding to the bacterium’s tail and stopping it in its tracks.

Scientists Identify Genetic Loci For Lynch Syndrome

Scientists can now identify more accurately people at high risk for Lynch Syndrome, an inherited, familial condition that increases the risk of bowel and endometrial cancer.

Study: 30% Of Colonoscopy Participants Had Pre-Cancerous Bowel Tumors

The CUHK Jockey Club Bowel Cancer Education Center is offering 2,000 Hong Kong citizens free bowel cancer screening.

Australian Researchers Link Bowel Cancer To Type 2 Diabetes In Men

Researchers have established a significant link between type 2 diabetes and a two-fold risk of bowel cancer in men, after an 11-year study that involved almost 1,300 people.