Once In A Century Shot: Rediscovering Borneo’s Rajah Scops Owl

After capturing the first-ever photographs of a Bornean Rajah scops owl, researchers hope to study the rediscovered bird in greater detail.

Spectacled Flowerpecker Makes Its Debut

The spectacled flowerpecker has only now been officially named and characterized by scientists, despite making appearances around Borneo for more than a decade.

Logged Forests Remain Home To Great Mammal Diversity

Researchers have found that previously logged forests may be overlooked sources of refuge for mammals across different small-scale landscapes in Borneo.

Pitcher Plants Reflect Sonar To Attract Bats

Pitcher plants have been shown to attract bats using special structures that reflect their ultrasonic calls back to them.

Experts Call For Borneo’s Integrated Conservation

An integrated approach, including not only the mountain rainforests but also the lowlands, is required to preserve Borneo's biodiversity, experts say.

Cold Winds Push Pollutants To The Equator

Air pollution from East Asia rapidly travels towards tropical forests where they can impact the ozone layer, scientists say.

Fast Growing Bornean Trees Important For Carbon Cycling

Rainforests in Borneo produce 50 percent more wood biomass than comparable forests in the Amazon, scientists say.

New Species Of Slow Loris Discovered In Borneo

Scientists have discovered three new species of slow loris in Borneo, rare among primates for having a toxic bite.