A Bone To Pick With Prostate Cancer Cells

Researchers in Japan have identified a microRNA molecule secreted by prostate cancer cells that alters bone remodelling.

Breaking The Silence On Osteoporosis

Half of the people who suffered a fragility fracture were unaware that it is a symptom of osteoporosis, according to a survey conducted by the Fight the Fracture campaign.

Lights, Carbon Nitride, Bone Regeneration!

Growing stem cells on carbon nitride sheets not only activates bone-related genes, but also releases calcium ions when exposed to red light.

How A Molecular Switch For Bone Formation Works

The transcriptional regulator Sp7/osterix could be the key to unlock the blueprint of bone formation in vertebrates, according to a genome-wide study.

A Microchip That Can Mimic Bone Tissues

This microchip accurately predicts and reproduces the physiological phenomena that occur in human and animal bone tissues.