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Why Some Asian Monkeys Can’t Taste Sugar

Scientists have found that Asian colobine monkeys express receptor genes for tasting sweetness, but these receptors appear less functional than those in fruit-eating monkeys.

Counting The Carbon Cost Of Palm Oil

Every hectare of rainforest converted to oil palm plantation releases 174 tons of carbon in the form of carbon dioxide, researchers say.

Newly Discovered Orangutan Is The Seventh Great Ape

There are only 800 individuals of a newly recognized orangutan species, making them among the most threatened great apes in the world.

Palm Oil Plantations Hurt Ecosystems Severely: Study

Converting forests to oil palm plantations can lead to irreversible effects on ecosystem functions, according to a study.

Indonesia Study Disputes UN Data On Peat Fire Emissions

A study shows that the 2015 Indonesian peat fires released less carbon dioxide than projected by UN climate experts—but discharged more potentially hazardous gases.

Experts Call For Borneo’s Integrated Conservation

An integrated approach, including not only the mountain rainforests but also the lowlands, is required to preserve Borneo's biodiversity, experts say.

Fast-Breeding Insect Devastates Java’s Rice

Java could lose up to six million tons of rice in 2014, unless something is done immediately to regulate and reduce pesticide use, James J. Fox warns.