black holes

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ian Vega

By investigating the gravitational phenomena governing the Universe, Professor Ian Vega and his team are expanding the horizons of physics research in the Philippines.

Galactic Collisions Starve Black Holes, Simulations Show

Supercomputer models suggest that head-on galactic collisions can suppress even a black hole’s ravenous appetite.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Suvrat Raju

A theoretical physicist by training and an activist at heart, Suvrat Raju is tackling the thorniest issues of society—and the Universe.

The Origins Of Gravitational Wave-Inducing Black Holes

Using supercomputer-aided simulations, scientists in Japan have examined how binary black holes responsible for gravitational waves may have originated.

Supermassive Black Hole Found 400 Million Light-years Away

Astrophysicists from India and the US have confirmed the existence of the closest ever binary supermassive black hole system.

Blasting Atoms With An X-ray Laser Creates ‘Molecular Black Hole’

X-ray lasers can strip atoms from the inside out, making them steal electrons from neighboring atoms like a black hole devouring matter.

Gravitational Waves Shed Light On Black Holes & Dark Matter

The third detection of gravitational waves offers new insights into the mysteries behind black holes and dark matter.

Observing The Most Extreme Object In The Universe

Scientists in India have proposed a new way of seeing naked singularity, the most extreme object in the universe.

Catching A Black Hole By Its Tail

A tell-tale tail has given away the location of a previously hidden black hole near the supernova remnant W44.

Rare Twin Black Holes Spotted In Nearby Galaxy

Radio astronomers have found a pair of supermassive black holes with a compact radio jet in a nearby giant spiral galaxy.