Asian Scientist Magazine’s April 2021 Roundup

Celebrate the region’s best scientists and their trailblazing efforts through Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from April 2021.

Behind China’s Boom In Bitcoin Carbon Emissions

Without stringent regulations, China's Bitcoin mining emissions could surpass the annual emissions of several European countries by 2024.

Blockchain: Not All About The Money

Blockchain’s applications extend well beyond cryptocurrencies and into any realm where trust is of paramount importance, says Ms Swati Chaturvedi of Propel(x).

From New Kid On The Block To Blockbuster Tech

Singapore-based startups are using blockchain technology to keep track of everything from dollars to diplomas and deliveries.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2017

April was a technology-heavy month, with popular articles on blockchain, artificial intelligence and the latest in battery technology.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Loi Luu

Loi Luu dreams of deploying cryptocurrency and blockchain technology worldwide to renovate existing financial systems.

Making Sense of Virtual Assets

SMU Associate Professor Kelvin Low’s research shows that the legal rights of people who own some intangible assets are sometimes remarkably ill-defined and poorly studied.