Why Aussies Are Seeing Fewer Backyard Birds

As urbanization continues to change our landscapes, an Australian research team finds that “common” backyard birds are no longer as common—an issue not just for birds, but for humans, too.

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Owls That Ventured Out In The Sun

Fossil records unearthed in China suggest that a now-extinct owl species hunted during the day rather than at night.
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A Dino Locked Inside A Bird Skull

A tiny bird skull uncovered in China provides clues to early birds’ jaws sharing similar functions with their dinosaur ancestors than modern birds.

Rewriting The (Under)story Of Rapid Bird Evolution

Contrary to typically long evolutionary timeframes, Sulawesi babblers have diversified surprisingly quickly on Indonesia's islands.

A Forensic Approach To Detecting Illegal Cockatoo Trade

Illegal wildlife traders, beware! Ecologists in Hong Kong have developed a novel forensic tool for detecting the laundering of critically endangered cockatoos.

Philippine Birds On The Brink Of Extinction

Deforestation, habitat degradation and wildlife exploitation are among the factors increasing the extinction risk of Philippine birds, find scientists.

Crossbreeding Threatens Milky Stork Conservation

Milky storks are breeding with their genetically related cousins, the painted storks, leading to hybridization and potential loss of this endangered species of bird.

How Dams Damned Thailand’s Birds

The Chiew Larn Dam Reservoir, constructed three decades ago, has had a negative impact on bird diversity, according to researchers in Thailand.

Deforestation And Hunting Driving Bird Extinction

The combined threats of deforestation and wildlife trade are pushing Southeast Asia bird species to extinction, scientists say.

Songbirds Love Public Displays Of Affection

Researchers in Japan have found that songbirds are more passionate in front of an audience, especially that of the opposite sex.