How The Rainbow Weevil Produces Its Colors

Researchers have discovered that the structure and volume of chitin in the exoskeleton of rainbow weevils allow the insects to produce a vast spectrum of colors.

A Closeup Of The Herpes Simplex Virus

Using cryo-electron microscopy, researchers have determined the structure of a herpesvirus capsid, shedding light on the assembly of viral particles.

Structure Of DNA-Protein Complex Revealed

Using cryo-electron microscopy, a team of scientists in Japan have visualized the shape of tightly packed bundles of DNA and proteins inside the nuclei of cells.

Hydrogels That Grow Like Living Tissues

A team of researchers in Singapore and the US have created hydrogels that grow like biological tissues.

Kazutoshi Mori Wins 2018 Breakthrough Prize

Kazutoshi Mori was recognized for his discovery of the unfolded protein response, a cellular quality-control system that detects disease-causing unfolded proteins and directs cells to take corrective measures.

CRISPR Caught In The Act

Using high-speed atomic-force microscopy, scientists in Japan have observed how the CRISPR/Cas9 complex cuts DNA in real-time.

Innate Lymphoid Cells Suppress Gut Inflammation

Scientists in China have identified a subpopulation of innate lymphoid cells that suppress inflammation in the gut.

Visualizing How T-Cells Ready Their Arsenal

Using single-molecule tracking and quantitative analysis, scientists have discovered how T-cells rearrange their surface molecules to mount an immune response.

Nanospray Prolongs Shelf Life Of Produce

This nanospray coating method can make strawberries and tangerines last more than a month.

Light-Sensitive Shape-Shifting Material Created

Researchers have created self-assembling molecules which can be broken down by ultraviolet light to recombine into novel and exotic shapes.