biomedical science

Streamlining Robust Cell Line Development

Novel bioprocessing technologies can enable the development of robust, high-yield cell lines, supporting advances in biomedical research and pharmaceutical innovation.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: India’s First Lady Of Biotech

Biocon founder Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is spearheading India's rapid transition from generic drugs supplier to a bonafide biotechnology innovator.

Asia’s Big Biomedical Bet Pays Off

From performing outsourced research and manufacturing generics, Asia's biomedical researchers are now among the world's most innovative.

Science’s Seismic Shift Towards Asia

The world’s scientific center of gravity is shifting towards Asia—where, given current projections, it will probably long remain.

Biomedical Researchers Win Big At Singapore’s Top Science Awards

In a year marked by a raging pandemic, biomedical scientists were in the limelight at a ceremony honoring Singapore’s top science talents.

How To Mend A Heart: Use Two Types Of Stem Cells

Researchers in Hong Kong have discovered that a combination of stem cells promotes better healing of the heart.

Winners Of Asian Scientist Lab Tech of the Year 2019 Award Announced

Ten laboratory technicians received cash and prizes worth over S$10,000 at the inaugural Asian Scientist Lab Tech of the Year 2019 award ceremony held in Singapore.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Shoko Takahashi

Having founded Genequest when she was still a student, Dr. Shoko Takahashi is well on her way to creating a human genome database that could help advance clinical research in Asia.

Singapore Honors Outstanding Researchers At PSTA 2018

The awards recognize scientists who have helped place Singapore on the map of global research.

10 Award-Winning Scientists From Japan To Watch

From biomedicine to particle physics, these ten award-winning scientists from Japan are making an impact across the globe with their discoveries.