biomedical engineering

Making MRI Machines Cheaper And More Accessible

A new MRI machine designed by researchers in Hong Kong could cost less than US$20,000 to build and operate using a standard AC power outlet.

Navigating Cancer Treatment With The Tiniest Of Tools

A new soft robotic laser could allow surgeons to conduct head and neck surgeries without damaging critical structures in the vicinity.

Look Ma, No Wires: Charging The Next Generation of Brain Implants

Scientists in South Korea have developed smartphone-controlled brain implants that can be recharged without any wires.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Andy Tay

By pushing the boundaries of biomedical engineering, Dr. Andy Tay is boosting our body's natural defences in surprising new ways.

AI Identifies A Three Punch Combo Against COVID-19

With the help of artificial intelligence platform IDentif.AI, scientists have found that a combination of remdesivir, ritonavir and lopinavir may effectively treat COVID-19.

Scanning For Scoliosis Using A Palm-Sized Device

Researchers in Hong Kong have developed a palm-sized 3D ultrasound imaging system that could allow mass screening for scoliosis.