Looking For Lag As A Brain Aging Biomarker

Using MRI to measure a time lag between two blood drainage systems in the brain could be a quick and easy way to diagnose brain aging, researchers say.

These Three Biomarkers May Predict COVID-19 Death Risk: Study

A machine learning model developed by Wuhan scientists predicted the death of COVID-19 patients ten days in advance of their outcomes with more than 90 percent accuracy.

Brainwave Measurements An Early Indicator Of Autism

Researchers in Japan have identified gamma oscillations in the brain as a potential diagnostic for autism spectrum disorder in children.

Searching For Signs, Not Symptoms

Blood biomarkers for Alzheimer’s can betray the presence of diseaseassociated changes in the brain decades before symptoms set in.

Longevity In A Bottle

With an understanding of the fundamental biological processes that drive aging, researchers are now searching for drugs that could prolong life.

Protein That Protects Women From Heart Disease Identified

Raised levels of thymosin beta-4 in the plasma samples of women accurately predicted their risk of heart disease.

Researchers Identify Biomarkers For Chronic Kidney Disease

Even though present in trace amounts, D-amino acid levels in patients can be measured to provide prognostic information of chronic kidney disease.

How To Check For Infection? Just Exhale.

Researchers can now detect bacterial infection by analyzing biomarkers exhaled by patients.

PD-1 Overexpression Helps Cancer Cells Evade Immune Attack

A genetic alteration that allows cancer cells to evade attack could indicate if expensive antibody treatments are effective for particular patients.

Malaria Breath Test Undergoes Field Trials

The breathalyzer device, which resembles the one used to test for drink driving, is cheaper than a blood test and requires no medical expertise to operate.