Gutter Gold

What if the solution to the world’s energy problem was lying in the gutter all along?

Fueling The Future

Green is the new black when it comes to meeting the world’s energy demands, and biofuels have a major role to play in securing a sustainable future.

Supercharging Bacterial Biofuel Production

Researchers in South Korea have developed a new strategy to efficiently produce fatty acids and biofuels from glucose.

Switching On Starch Production In Algae

Researchers have discovered a way to increase the amount of starch produced by red algae, with implications for the future of biofuel production.

7 Must-Read Stories In August 2018

From anti-aging research to science stories for the young (and the young at heart), here's what you might have missed in August.

Supercharging Algae’s Ability To Produce Biofuels

Scientists in Japan have identified an enzyme in red algae that could help improve biofuel production.

Generating Biofuel From Wheat Straw And Saw Dust

Using a natural bacterium isolated from mushroom crop residue, scientists have developed a way to directly convert plant-based material to butanol.

Sailing Towards Greener Seas

Nanyang Technological University has launched a marine research laboratory to develop technologies for Singapore's maritime and offshore industry.

Capture Carbon & Generate Fuel At The Same Time

Researchers have developed a catalyst that can simultaneously remove carbon dioxide and generate new diesel fuel.

Renewable Energy For The Philippines Through Second-Gen Biomass

Elmar Villota hopes to strengthen renewable energy capabilities in the Philippines through research into converting second-generation biomass to biofuels and other useful products.