Why ‘Lab-made’ Proteins Can Take The Heat

According to researchers from Japan, the unique backbone of lab-made proteins makes them more tolerant to high temperatures.

Scientists Create ‘Google Map’ For Metabolic Engineering

A team of scientists in South Korea has created a comprehensive metabolic map of pathways for synthesizing industrial bio-based chemicals.

Bioengineering Increases Rice Yield By 30 Percent

Scientists in China have developed a method called GOC bypass that can increase the yield of rice by almost 30 percent.

Jackie Ying Receives 2018 TÜBA Academy Prize

Professor Jackie Y. Ying is the first woman to receive the TÜBA Academy Prize in the Science and Engineering Sciences category.

Parasite Eyes Inspire Ultrathin Camera

Researchers in South Korea have engineered an ultrathin digital camera based on the eye structure of Xenos peckii, a type of wasp parasite.

Bioengineering A Synthetic Ion Channel

A team of researchers in Singapore has developed an artificial pore-forming ion channel which could be used to tackle cystic fibrosis, bacterial infections and cancer.

Dragonfly Wings Inspire Antimicrobial Coating

Mimicking the structures of a dragonfly’s wings, a research group in Singapore has developed a nano-coating that can kill bacteria on surfaces as well as in water.

Tiny Personalized Livers Accelerate Cancer Drug Testing

Using patient-derived cells embedded in a three-dimensional scaffold, researchers have created liver tumor organoids for high-throughput screening of cancer drugs.

Two Letters Added To The Genetic Alphabet

Scientists have determined the structures of two artificial DNA bases, Ds and Px, which have expanded the genetic code.

Growing New Forests Using Drought-Resistant Jojoba

Improvements to jojoba proliferation and breeding methods could lead to the reforestation of deserts in Egypt.