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Prenatal DNA Tests Yield Population-Level Insights

Scientists in China have used prenatal testing samples to carry out the largest genetic study in China to date.

Bamboo And Rattan Genomes Sequenced

Researchers of the Genome Atlas of Bamboo and Rattan Consortium have published a chromosome-level genome assembly of moso bamboo and two representative rattan genomes.

Could ‘Bee Soup’ Reading Save The Bees?

Mitochondrial genome sequencing has made it feasible to track wild bee populations over time, aiding conservation efforts.

Parasitic Roundworm Has Its Genome Sequenced

The Toxocara canis genome will be a useful resource for developing treatments against parasitic diseases that predominantly affect the developing world.

How Pigs Adapted To Altitude

A whole-genome sequencing study has undercovered the genes that helped pigs adapt to hot and cold environments at different altitudes.

A Flock Of Bird Data

The efforts of a consortium of over 200 scientists has resulted in a better understanding of the incredible diversity of birds.

Insect Evolution Revealed

Scientists have traced the evolution of insects via an ambitious project involving the sequencing of 1,000 transcriptomes.

The Secrets Of Life Underground

The genome of the Damaraland mole rat provides an insight into the adaptations required for life underground.

BGI’s Down Syndrome Test Gets CFDA Approval

In a reversal of a previous ruling banning clinical genetic testing, the CFDA has approved BGI's prenatal testing kits.

Soybean Salt Tolerance Gene Found

A gene which confers salt tolerance has been isolated from the wild soybean plant.