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Humble Leadership Boosts Learning And Growth

Teachers share and learn better together under humble leadership, according to researchers from China and the United States.

One In Three Disabled Children Have Experienced Violence

Children with mental and developmental disabilities were more likely to experience violence, reveals a review study by researchers in China and around the world.

Wearing Face Masks At Home May Reduce COVID-19 Spread

Wearing face masks, disinfection and social distancing in households might help ward off COVID-19 spread among family members, an observational study suggests.

Wuhan Travel Ban Prevented 700,000 COVID-19 Cases: Report

Tough control measures taken by China in the first 50 days of the epidemic may have prevented more than 700,000 infections, a study finds.

Disrupted Brain Network Links Psychiatric Disorders

Psychiatric disorders share a common network modification across three core brain networks involved in cognition, researchers say.

Vaccinating Dogs Could Prevent The Spread Of Rabies In China

Understanding how the rabies virus spreads in the rural areas of China will inform prevention and control strategies, researchers say.

Just 84 Amur Leopards Remain In The Wild

An international team of scientists has used camera traps on both sides of the border of China and Russia to obtain the most updated estimate of the Amur leopard population.

How To Win The Nobel Prize Of Supercomputing

Winning the ACM Gordon Bell Prize in High Performance Computing requires a team effort, says Professor Fu Haohuan, a member of the 12-man team that won the competition in 2016.

Dengue’s Spread In Asia Linked To Air Travel

Examining data from Asia over 59 years beginning in 1956, scientists in China show that air traffic is associated with the spread of the dengue virus across Asia.

Mum Speaks Mandarin? Expect Baby To Have A Singsong Cry

Babies whose mothers speak a tonal language exhibit a more melodic crying pattern, according to a study.